Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking our lot back from the weeds.

This last weekend we continued our fight with the weeds. For future ventures, or anyone considering doing this yourself, remember to get as much free ground cover (from the city) as you can BEFORE you put the fence up. We thought we had enough ground cover, but you really never can have too much.

But thanks to some dedicated volunteers we were able to knock down all the weeds and we now have our space back! We had over 25 volunteers this last weekend who cleared the weeds, finished the back fence, and we even built some of the planter beds!

Sadly, Acres of Books on Long Beach Blvd. went out of business, but the city bought the property and needs to get rid of all the lumber! So, we were able to get free lumber from Larry and April from the LB Sustainability Office. Our beds will all be made from these recycled bookshelves. How great is that?

We are continuing to grow this space and hope to plant in mid April! Check out some more pictures of the build day at our Facebook Page:

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