Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Steps

Many of you have expressed interest in this vision, but don't exactly know practically what it's all about.

With this empty lot we will first prepare the land for use, then integrate into the community through various projects and outreach. It is not a typical community garden where individuals have their own space of land for their own specific purpose. This is a garden for the community that will incorporate food donation, community meals, creation care, worship and prayer gatherings, and neighborhood outreach. Here is a list of some general activities that need to take place and also ones that have been proposed:

  • Trash Clean-Up
  • Leveling the Land/Prep-Work
  • Creation Care Theology Curriculum
  • Neighborhood Outreach
  • Garden/Layout Design
  • Constructing Planter/Flower Beds
  • "First Fruits" - Donation Set-Up
  • Composting Set-Up
  • Construction of picnic tables for gatherings

These objectives should keep us busy for a while and we will see what new needs come up around the community as time progresses. Too often people come into something like this with a firm mindset of what they think the needs are without any prayerful consideration or asking the community itself. We want to be open to God's movement in this community through the entire process and include the community in this as much as possible.

There are many other objectives and visions for this garden that will unfold as we get underway, but this gives you a general idea of our initial introduction to what we want to accomplish. Right now, it looks like we will officially be able to start using the lot in early August. Pray that the process continues to go smoothly!


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